With care to every detail & attention to all the elements.

Rise of the Butterfly

All proceeds from the sale of this art will support Rise of the Butterfly to fund through art activism, to protect those affected by human trafficking and environmental displacement. We are artists who choose to unite in strength right now to counterbalance how fragile the state of the world is: how we treat the body, how we treat the earth, how we treat ourselves: We all have the ability to Rise. That is the beginning and end of this mission: to collectively & individually Rise. We are seeking teammates to collaborate with in these art empowerment projects. 
Layla and our whole team thank you. We have put a decade into building up to this moment and are excited to share our lives work with the rising of all people to live higher quality lives with deeper meaning. Art loses its ego when paired with purpose. We can have fun, celebrate, dance, make the world a better place. We can elevate to eroticize equality, to have fun, to celebrate, to be sensual, consensual, innovative, and transform into an embodied team of superhero humans helping each other rise. We welcome participation in any form, mind, body, and soul. Because half of us are dying from a lack of means, while the other half are dying from a lack of meaning. You and I, we are the bridge builders....
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