Clothing by Layla Love Art supports Rise of the Butterfly, an anti-human trafficking nonprofit organization. Ethically produced with the most sustainable materials possible, this limited, wearable art collection is designed to help individuals literally embody the change necessary for a world without human trafficking.

All of the clothes are derived from original art photography by Layla Love. From the ink that uniquely imbues the fabric to the fair shipping practices that get these garments to your doorstep, Layla Love Art clothing proudly upholds principles that always place humans before profits.

"My whole point is to shock people into action and then to have a means of action available to them." -Layla Love

Layla's shows and images compel viewer in confrontation with stark slavery and desecration alongside elevated visions of liberated woman-defined sexuality.

Any resulting dissonance among viewers is answered with a means to resolution, surpassing former explorations of horror.

Rise of the Butterfly, a non-profit dedicated to combating human trafficking and to supporting its survivors, will benefit from the photography, as will any who see it and who contribute by purchasing works of fine art or pieces from the capsule collection.

Founded by Love with feminist icon Gloria Steinem, Rise of the Butterfly empowers its subjects by bringing their suffering out of shadows.