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Year: 2016

Size: 30 x 40 Inches (alternatively circle upon request) 

Edition: 1 of 3

Printed on white metal 

Certificate Of Authenticity: LL.8715

Signed on reversed. Pricing includes certificate of authenticity and shipping within the US.

Camera technology is always advancing, but it looks like printing technology is doing an impressive job of keeping up. To that end, metal prints represent one of the new frontiers of decorative photography.

The process of metal printing, which involves the pressing of ink onto durable, high-quality sheets of aluminum, shouldn’t be confused with metallic printing, which is just basic printing onto metallic-finished paper. These images don’t have the high-definition qualities of metal prints, and they’re also far less durable.
Hanging up an authentic metal print will brighten up your blasé wall in an instant, and put your home’s decor far ahead of the curve.