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Soulmate & Unified Field Theory

Soulmate & Unified Field Theory

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Year: 2012

Size: 50 x 70 Inches

Edition: 1 of 5

Printed on baked metal 

Certificate Of Authenticity: LL.8767

Collaboration with Amanda Sage 

Signed on reversed. Pricing includes certificate of authenticity and shipping within the US.

special coated paper printed on the Texart is transferred to the TRITON, which heats the print against the face of the metal at 400 degrees F. As the water in the ink evaporates, the ink transitions from a solid to gaseous state.

After the metal cools, the ink becomes permanent and scratch-resistant–no lamination needed. The Texart’s distinguishing features–high-resolution, 8-color CMYK printing with an extended gamut including light cyan, light magenta, orange, and violet–allow for photographic quality with enhanced PANTONE color matching.

Available on two substrates in 3 finishes:

  • natural aluminum – gloss,
  • natural aluminum – semi-gloss
  • natural aluminum – matte
  • white aluminum – gloss
  • white aluminum – semi-gloss
  • white aluminum – matte